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How It Works.

When we review a leader's effort on a particular segment, we look for a variety of factors. Some of these factors indicate that the effort is suspect, others point towards the effort being legitimate.

Examples of suspect factors:
Examples of legitimate factors:

At this stage, we still flag some legitimate entries. We are fairly new to this, and will be constantly tweaking our formulas to produce better results for you. We'd love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on how we can make KOM Defender even better.

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Why can't you flag the ride automatically?

Strava limits access to each leaders segment efforts only - We can't examine their whole ride. Looking at just the segment data - especially on short ones can be problematic. We don't have the local knowledge to know that a particular uphill climb has a great descent just before it, or that a particular time trial stretch has howling tailwinds at certain times of the year.

What if KOM Defender gets it wrong?

That's bound to happen. We have limited access to data and the factors we look at can't tell the whole story. The rider may have been tagged along on the back of a fast bunch, had a dodgy GPS reading or an intermittent cadence sensor. That's where we need your help - use the voting links to tell us whether we have it right or wrong. We'll use this data to improve our analysis in the future.