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The Team

KOM Defender has been put together by MartinT in response to his frustration of seeing Strava leaderboards thrown into disarray by riders leaving their Garmin turned on when they drive home after a ride.

It was also a good chance to develop some new technical skills in areas that he doesn't normally get to play with.

But as his artistic efforts don't extend further than drawing a stick figure, Barry has had to provide some much needed assistance.


Based in Brisbane, Australia, I'm an old school IT nerd that works on enterprise level apps during the day. That keeps me busy, but this has been a great chance to develop something for myself and gain exposure to all sorts of new technologies (and problems).

The rest of the time, I love riding my bike. I'm a ex-triathlete turned roadie, trying hard to keep the effects of aging at bay.

You can follow me on Strava here.


I dedicate my professional life to tipping the work/life balance squarely in favour of life. Road Cycling is my passion, my hobby and the reason I have no money. I'm the proud owner of a 29er and two pretty decent road bikes. I'm a shockingly bad Mtn Biker and an average roadie who thinks he can climb, descend and sprint.

Martin is the brains behind this venture, I am merely here to point out typos and design colourful logos for him.

You can follow me on Strava here.

Contact / Feedback

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